Todd Freeman
Silver Saloon Presents

Todd Freeman

  • Venue:Silver Saloon
  • Date:Saturday Dec 22, 2018
  • Doors:8:00 PM
  • Age:17 and over / 21 to drink WITH ID
  • Prices:
Born in Jacksonville, Texas and raised herding cattle and riding horses. Todd is a true country boy. He has always lived for singing. Todd is currently involved in a band, Bullet Proof. Bullet Proof is a 5 man country music band which consists of Tommy Thomas, lead guitar; Jimmy Bell, drums; Steve Devries, rhythm guitar and background vocals; Jay Nelson, bass guitar and vocals. They also have their own sound engineer David Sessions. Bullet Proof is focused on new opportunities & maintaining an active schedule. The band was formed early in 2012. Bullet Proof has been acknowledged as one of the best Top 40 country cover bands around. They play old country as well as new country currently on your radio now. Some of the cover songs are by artist George Strait, Billy Currington, Tracy Byrd, Blake Shelton and Chris Young just to name a few. Todd is a country singing artist and is striving to further his career in the country music business. Mr. Freeman has performed at many clubs, bars, PRCA rodeo street dances, festivals, and many other events.

Finding the right song for the right time is a process in which Todd takes great pride. "I like to be able to connect with the songs I am singing. I like to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning and know I still love a song. If I still love it years later, maybe other people will too." "Some of these songs I sing date back to before I was born," he says. "There's always a right time for everything."

Todd is currently working on fresh material for a near future CD release. Todd has the perfect storm of material that country music has been eyeing for just the right moment to release. He zeros in on an easy-going soul vibe, a sound that brings out a likeable quality in Todd with his distinctive, one of a kind country voice. I've gotten so much better all the way around, behind the scenes, live and playing for my fans. If you name anything I do musically, it's gotten better with time. I still have a lot to learn but I feel that like anything in life, you get better the more you do it." It was very early on Todd learned the importance of fans and he truly values them. He don't leave a show without letting each and every person know how much he appreciates them with his kindness and friendly personality. He thrives making his fans happy.

Despite his laid-back demeanor, Todd has earned a reputation as a hard-working entertainer who puts everything he's got into his shows every night. He's taken the stage several times and will continue to do so taking one step at a time while pursuing his musical dreams. He's gone from a small trailer to his own tour bus. "I'm in a good place. I'm in a happy spot in my life," says Todd. "I've learned a lot about myself over the past few years, not only personally, but also as a businessman and an artist."